We reserved a place for you to park if you are visiting, it is marked (visitors Parking). If you have children and need child care during service, our ushers will be at the door to welcome you, just ask one of them and they will be glad to assist you. Restrooms are located in the vestibule, men's on one side and Ladies on the other. If you have trouble locating them just ask anyone and they will be glad to help you. What should you wear? We don't have a dress code. People wear anything from jeans to suits and ties. Just come as you are, we will be glad to have you. You are welcome to sit any where there is an empty seat, if you can't find a seat or just want help in finding one ask the ushers and they will be glad to assist you in finding enough seats together for all of you. Our Morning service is held in the family life center. Again we are very glad to have you and if you have any concerns just let someone know and they will be glad to help.

    We want to take a moment to extend a very warm welcome to everyone who's visiting us for the first time. Whether you're just having a look, or are searching out for a place to worship, we're delighted to have you here.To give you some idea of what we're all about, we'll quickly sketch some of our foundational beliefs.
    Firstly, we're all about Jesus Christ. We believe that Jesus was who he said he was, the Son of God who came and died for our sins. So if this is your first time in church, we hope that you get to know Him as we do, because He's truly what life is all about for us!
    Secondly we're all about people. Every person who walks through our doors is important to us. As a group of God's people we care about you and your family and we're here not only to feed you spiritually, but to help in any way we can. We love doing it and it's why we exist!
    Thirdly, we're all about relationships. We hope to cultivate and grow meaningful and positive relationships between one another, but also go further by getting and growing in a relationship with God. We want to encourage you to fill out one of our care cards that will be passed around by our ushers. Just write your name and e-mail or phone number on there, since we'd love to stay in touch with you.  Also, if you've got a specific prayer request, please take the opportunity to put it on your care card, we'd love to pray for you.
Enjoy the rest of your worship time with us, and God bless you!