Mission Trip

Pictures from Sunday 30 July 2017 Service

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The New WFBC Outdoor Kitchen

It's Started

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Day 3 update:
An eventful day to say the least in many ways. We started with breakfast at 6:30 am and boy were our students EXCITED as Kenny shared our morning devotion. We had our two teams take off and begin working. Our girls team volunteered at a local church helping with cleanup in their fellowship hall and visited the local nursing home this afternoon. Our boys prepared the exterior of a home for paint in a few days (hopefully) and put down sub floor in the living room of a home this afternoon. All the while I took the bus to a mechanic who helped me replace a radiator hose on the bus. Now we are good (hopefully). Then I experienced a first my 13 years of youth ministry when I took Cade to the local clinic to get a bite on his leg looked at by the local doc.  They determined it was some type of spider bite so after a shot (I laughed a little but he took it like a champ) and visit to the local pharmacy he's doing a lot better. All seriousness though our students are really the best. I've seen some bonding today that I haven't seen before and I love how they adapt to the needs around them. Oh we also visited the local ice cream shop up tonight after super called the dairy hut.

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Car Show Pictures